A collection of short stories and ideas made available as a Kindle exclusive eBook. Available as free or greatly reduced for a limited time. 

A collection of short stories set in a strange universe of ideas.

Improvised Piece/Peace: A reporter remembers the day spent with ‘Hunter Moriarty and the Coolest F**king Cool’ before they played the astounding headline, tragic set at the Festival of Peace for Shambhala.

Maestro & I: A DNA editor locked away for years is close to unlocking the secrets of the Gene Gangs, certain legendary creatures and the gigantic baby he keeps in the Brood Lounge.

Unwashed: The Professor is trapped in pre-history with the hordes of zombie-like creatures he had hoped to eradicate.

Time: A satellite orbiting Neptune places bodies from a future cataclysm into stasis for future human civilisations.

Telling Lies: Sergeant Bowie leads the Fire Teams of the Chronoversal Resource Group as they search for clues in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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